Arabic Long Lasting Perfume Khashab & Oudh For Unisex

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Luxurious perfumes for who like to smell good, look extravagant, and be different from the crowd. Experience our range of Eau De Parfums, extracted from nature and blended with luxury.  perfumes are not only glamorous, but they also last longer, helping you make an unforgettable impression when it matters the most. Start your day with this irresistible fragrance. The bottle is extremely lightweight which makes it travel-friendly. It is not just an ideal gift for yourself but for your loved ones too. It is safe on the skin and is suitable for everyday use. How to Wear: Spray perfume directly on neck and wrists, Let dry on the skin without rubbing. Applying it right after bath is the best time when your pores are open, Keeping perfumes away from heat and sunlight makes it last longer We believe that a good fragrance can turn the fortunes of life and hence, we bring you the finest, passionately extracted Parfums available elsewhere in the world. Bottles last long enough to make thousands of impressions. The aura that keeps you lively. The signature of refined lineage. A resplendent revelation. A breathtaking majesty. A mark of the upper crest. An aristocratic blend fused with timeless and contemporary notes – giving you a fragrance that’s lush with the best of both worlds. truly indulgent, rich, and enticing creation made for those who desire not just the best there is, but also the most original.

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